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Statement of Qualifications

Stormwater Essentials is dedicated to transforming urban and rural landscapes into vital ecosystems that recycle waste, discharge clean water and air, and sequester carbon. We support facilities, construction and agricultural operations with State of California stormwater discharge compliance. We also design stormwater management plans, erosion and sediment control strategies, and landscape improvements.


Stormwater Essentials is a full-service entity providing a range of services including stormwater discharge compliance, geologic and hydraulic soil investigation, and water resources engineering.

Demonstrated Experience

San Diego Compost Facilities - CA Waste Discharge Requirements

Fully permit and monitor State of California Waste Discharge compliance, prepare and submit documents including Notice of Intent (NOI), Annual Reports, and Technical Reports for several San Diego County Facilities. Bridge the gap between owners and State Water Quality Agencies to convey sound business and manufacturing practices that protect groundwater and surface water in the vicinity of the Facility. 


The NOI/Technical Report is a 20 page document required for State of California WDR permitting which demonstrates the Geologic, Hydrogeologic, and Climatic conditions at the site, as well as the site ownership, operation and maintenance. Information is obtained from past technical studies and online government agency databases, as well as site owners.

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Professional Experiences

Kelly (Steffen) Coaty is a principal scientist who has mentored and managed teams of staff engineers and scientists. Kelly has designed, installed, sampled, and reported the results and analysis of hundreds of groundwater monitoring wells and soil gas monitoring wells for the purpose of soil and groundwater assessment and groundwater protection monitoring over her 13 years of consulting experience. Kelly's compliance background includes fully permitting compost and industrial facilities and construction projects for water waste discharges. Kelly has tested field hydraulic soil conditions, and characterized the hydrogeologic conditions at southern California facilities for State of California waste discharge permitting. Kelly has performed condition assessments for surface drainage in the vicinity of sensitive watersheds and designed surfaces facilitating drainage and infiltration basins for onsite stormwater management.  


North County Transit District Consultant and Technical Reviewer of Pollution Prevention and Good Housekeeping plans. QISP to evaluate industrial SWPPP documents, sampling data, and onsite maintenance activities to provide recommendations for BMP implementation.  Supported Illicit Discharge Detection and Elimination programs with inspection document review and recommendations regarding erosion areas and BMP maintenance from upstream investigations and dry weather flow sampling events. Recommended sampling analyses based on watershed impairments and site activities. Oversee post cleaning inspection of storm drain structures in the right of way (ROW) and documented the cleanliness condition to support the Storm Drain Cleaning Program.



Verizon and Cox Communications Consultant and Right of Way Engineer/QSD in charge of City of San Diego construction permit review/preparation and oversight of SWPPP preparation and compliance with the State of CA CGP for undergrounding of 500 miles of new subsurface conduit trenched in the City of San Diego right of way for high speed fiber installation. Supervised compliance and updates of the Stormwater Multiple Application and Report Tracking System (SMARTS), prepared pollution control plans, onsite and virtual SWPPP training of contractors, clients, and staff to understand Best Management Practice (BMP) implementation and SWPPP documentation for compliance. Support contractors for construction of multiple subsurface utilities during ground disturbances. 


Kelly Coaty earned her degree in Soil Science from California Polytechnic State University.


Stormwater/Wastewater Discharge Permitting

·       State of CA Construction General Permit

·       State of CA Industrial General Permit

·       State of CA Compost General Permit


Environmental/Condition Assessment and Characterization

·       Soil, water, and air sampling and assessment

·       Stormwater/water hydraulic studies and design

·       Soil and groundwater characterization 


Water Resources and Landscape Design 

·       Surface Water Modeling and Flow Calculation

·       Erosion and Sediment Control and Prevention 

·       Landscape Drainage, Planting, Irrigation, and Hardscape Design



  • California Department of Transportation - Disadvantaged Business Entity (DBE), #50604

  • California Department of General Services - Small Business/Micro Business (DGS SB/MB), #2023622


  • CA WCC C8700: Consultant, Non-Engineering

  • CA WCC C8713: Consultant, Environmental

  • NAICS 541611: Administrative Management and General Management Consulting Services

  • NAICS 541620: Environmental Consulting Services


  • 770000 Environmental Services

  • 771020 Environmental Reporting Services

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