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Conditional Use Permitting
Prime consultant to El Corazon Compost Facility in Oceanside, CA. Obtain San Diego Regional Water Quality Control Board approval to operate compost facilities. Conduct infiltration testing, prepare Technical Reports that incorporate Water and Wastewater Management, Hydrologic Analysis, Water Balance Verification, and Groundwater Protection.


























10-2021 to 12-2021

Landscape and Surface Drainage Design/Build At Private Residence


Property Drainage Assessment and Improvements

Inspection/Cleaning of roof, gutters, downspouts, and surface drainage. Concentrated flows from the homes caused erosion on the slopes and ponding around the structures. Design new layout for surface drains and subsurface piping to connect downspouts, and divert concentrated surface runoff safely off of the property to prevent erosion and ponding. Trenching, and construction of piping and surface inlets and discharge outlets. The surface drains were placed inside planters slightly lower than the hardscape to allow runoff from the walkway into the planter to give the plants additional water and capture surface runoff. Soil surface modifications included reducing elevation of soil in planter areas and building soil on slopes for back patio construction.


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